Company History

  Company History

Crawford Construction has evolved from providing handy-man services to a full-service firm respected for its contributions to the Roanoke landscape. High-profile projects, such as the stunning addition to the Rockledge residence on Mill Mountain and structural enhancements to notable homes in South Roanoke, have catapulted our reputation for exceptional custom home construction and renovation.


We attribute our growth to the values that have guided us from Day 1. Our commitment to professional integrity and ethical business practices, client appreciation and respect, meticulous hands-on coordination, open communication and quality craftsmanship. These characteristics of our well-honed team create the foundation for trusting client relationships. They are essential for successful home construction projects that leave all involved, homeowner and craftsman, alike, wholly satisfied.


“Crawford Construction is proud to be recognized for delivering a product that is enduring, innovative, inspiring and affordable. We are driven by a passion for the art and science of home construction. We are motivated by the knowledge that what we do contributes in significant, lasting ways to the quality of our clients’ lives and the fabric of our community. We thrive as a leading home builder in the Roanoke Region because we serve our clients to the highest ability.”


Charles Crawford, President and CEO

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